An Open Letter to Hal Higdon

Dear Hal,

Let me begin by saying that I love your marathon training plan.  I was thrilled to find that you now have a Novice 2 plan.  Intermediate 1 was a little much for me, but as I’m training for my third marathon, following Novice 1 seemed kind of wimpy.

However, I’m slow.  I’m slower than slow.  I’m painfully slow.  I’m the reason there needs to be a Novice 2 plan.  I’m the person who probably won’t ever be quite Intermediate.  Telling me to run 3 miles at an easy, comfortable pace, where I can converse with my fellow runners… and then telling me that the suggested time for this workout is 27 minutes?  Not funny in my book.  Not funny.

I did run 3 miles though.


Little Runner


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One response to “An Open Letter to Hal Higdon

  1. Suzy

    I just finished my first marathon yesterday in Honolulu. I finished in 6 hours exactly, which put me placing in the very middle of the 20,000 participants. I stuck pretty closely to the training schedule. My cross training was weak (such as cleaning the house), and I was sick during the week I needed to run 18. Other than that, I never missed runs.

    I was amazed yesterday how strong I finished. Other than one gnarly looking toe that has been black for some time now, I was not sore, I ran up to the end, and I felt good. There were many who could barley walk or move, but I just kept going at my consistent pace. The program absolutely prepared me, and I am definitely a novice runner. I’m convinced that anyone who follows the program will find success in the marathon.

    Thanks so much!


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