Baby Steps.

I think every runner I know experiences the “what next?” that comes after a big race. I suppose it’s like this with most things in life. When you’re really focused on the big goal, and then the day comes and goes, it leaves you with a lot of time and energy to spare. I decided to take advantage of this. Still riding my Chicago Marathon endorphin high, I set some big goals. Some of them are things I’ve been putting off for a long time. And this week, I took some baby steps to get there.

On Wednesday, I went to Fitness Yoga at the gym. I’m pretty sure my instructor was laughing at me a lot of the time. My leg muscles were doing all kinds of shaking and twitching — I don’t think I looked like the most coordinated chick there. But I did it. And next Wednesday, I’m going to do it again. In fact, I’ll be back at the gym on Monday for 30 minutes of core strengthening and 60 minutes of spin. Yeah!

I also set my sights on some races. So far on next year’s race calendar: Indy Mini 1/2 Marathon, St. Louis Marathon Relay, Muddy Buddy, and Chicago Marathon 2010. I’m even thinking about trying a century! (For now, we’ll ignore the fact that I have little to no experience on the bike.)

And finally, I contacted a sports nutritionist/registered dietitian. This woman is amazing. She’s a nutritionist, dietitian, and personal trainer. With her help, I hope to finally figure out how to eat healthy and not cause my ulcerative colitis to flare up. I figure I’ve lived on McDonald’s and Taco Bell long enough. I am looking forward to my first appointment, but not the inevitable food journal.

All in all, a successful post-marathon week. I’ll probably even go for a 2 or 3 mile run tonight.


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  1. Hi Lauren! Just checked out your blog via facebook! Congrats on the marathon and you should DEFINITELY do the muddy buddy next year!! It was the so much fun when I did it last year!

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