Halloween Hustle 5k: Race Report

Of course as I write this, the sun is shining and it looks like a beautiful fall day. That was not the weather when I woke up this morning. Running weather today was in the 30’s with some lovely drizzle, and even rain at some points. Still, I’ll take fall running over summer running any day.

Regina and I headed over to Palatine for the Halloween Hustle 5k, where we waited in long lines (shivering) to get race numbers and timing chips. Once we were all geared up, I began the search for Dan Malinski. Inspired by the craziness that David and I endured and wrote about, Dan is training for his first marathon, the Chicago Marathon on October 10, 2010. After just two weeks of his running journey, Dan ran his first 5k this morning. Dan looked pumped and ready to go, despite the fact that I’m sure he was a little nervous!

When the race started (about 15 minutes late), we were off at a quick jogging pace, which we held for about 3/4 mile. We passed the first and second mile markers walking at a brisk pace. Just before mile 3, Dan’s co-worker Chelsea caught up with us to give Dan a little extra boost to the finish line. We were cheering and cheering like a couple of crazies, and convinced Dan to run to the finish. (I made sure to cheer for the mile 3 marker too. Mile-marker cheering applies to races of all distances, not just marathons!) Regina caught up with us at the very end, too, and happily became our photographer for the end of the race.  (The link is to Dan’s album… sometime this weekend I’ll upload the super cute picture of Regina and I, too!)


With a previous 5k time of 54:00, Dan set his goal for today’s race at 50:00. We were thrilled to come in and see a clock time of 48 and change. (Official chip times are yet to be posted, but our best guess is 47 and change.) Way to go, Dan, for an awesome first 5k!

As for me, I had a blast being a cheerleader today. Because most of my runner friends can run circles around me, it’s not often I find myself in the position of motivator and cheerleader. But it wasn’t about me today. It was about Dan. And focusing on Dan made the miles tick by even faster. Today only solidified my desire to grow stronger over the course of the next year. I want to be somebody else’s “Crazy Barb.”


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One response to “Halloween Hustle 5k: Race Report

  1. Thanks you SO much for being my motivator/ cheerleader today! I’m a little overwhelmed by the support so far on this journey!

    Thank you! I had a blast!

    PS…thanks to Regina for being the photographer too! :)

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