A Very Triathlon Christmas

Judging by this week’s festivities, I’d say I’m really lucky to be surrounded by people who are very supportive of my new crazy endeavors.  I scored big time with tri loot this Christmas.

From Jon:
Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better, Faster, and Easier
Blueseventy goggles
Swim, Bike, Run, Laugh (book)
A book about strength training for triathletes

From my parents, brother, and inlaws:
A new Nike running jacket for this icky weather
Road ID!
Cold weather running gloves
Running pants and capris
Yoga pants
TYR swimsuit
Running socks
Biking gloves
Apple Cider Century race entry
Together We Tri Indoor Triathlon entry

And even my 10 year old cousin, who got me in the grab bag, got me a long sleeved tech shirt and running pants.

Well, first of all, Jon and I were very spoiled by our generous families the past two days.  But I’m really excited to have some new running/swimming/biking gear to get me out of the house when it’s cold and snowy.  I’m so amped to wear my new jacket that I’m thinking of heading out in the snow today!

I also talked to a lot of family about races at Christmas.  It looks like I’ll have my sister-in-law and two cousins joining me for the Trek Women’s Tri this July!  I officially have a buddy for Muddy Buddy.  And maybe we can even add another cousin to the growing list of family running Chicago Marathon 2010.  All in all, a wonderful holiday filled with chatter of exciting things to come in 2010.

Merry Christmas everyone!



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2 responses to “A Very Triathlon Christmas

  1. Craig

    Sounds like an awesome Christmas! Hope you get out and enjoy the snow, it’s like running through a different world, very cool :)

  2. oh great! Just what you need! :)) What a nice family – so supportive! Enjoy all your new stuff !

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