Forward is a Pace

I owe lots of thanks to my friend Barb for giving me a mantra for my new triathlon endeavors.

Forward is a pace.

Tomorrow marks the start of my new journey — Total Immersion Swimming Lesson 1 tomorrow, followed by a short snowy run! I’ll report back. :)



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4 responses to “Forward is a Pace

  1. Ah, the mantra that got me through an Ironman marathon :) Love it!

  2. Congratulations! TI is nuts, but great. Libby Hurley and Mary Bradbury are two of the nicest coaches you will ever meet. They bring “treats” to their workouts.
    I can’t say enough about their group, great people and the best open water swimming class in the city.
    See you there!

    • littlerunnergirl

      I’m super excited to start with TWT’s off-season training. I’m joining them January 5! And swim clinic with Mary Bradbury on January 17. If nothing else, I’m giving this triathlon thing my best shot.

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