Just keep swimming…

After sleeping ridiculously late today, I suited up for a short run in the snow.  No watch, no headphones, just me and my running shoes. (I did check the clock when I left the house, and when I came back in, so I could get some idea of my pace.)   It seems like I’ve spent the whole winter sick in bed, so my poor little lungs are still adjusting to the cold.  My legs felt great and were rearing to go, but the whole “breathing cold air” thing slowed me down a little bit.  Still, I cranked out 2.2 miles at about a 12:30 pace.  Not too shabby for a run spent dodging huge snow piles.  I forgot how much I love running in the snow!   No, seriously.  I love it.

This evening, my “head coach” Jon and I headed to the pool for TE Drill 1.  Jon warned me that it would probably be a bit difficult, because balance in the water is something a lot of swimmers struggle with.  It wasn’t.  I loved it.  We probably spent 15 – 20 minutes in the water working on this drill.  I was kind of wishing I’d watched Drill 2 so we could try that one too, but I’m glad I am spending focused time on each of the early drills.  I figure building a strong foundation can only help me in the long run.

Have I mentioned how ridiculously excited I am for tri training?  I am in love.  And happier than happy.  Now if only winter break could last forever… then I could always have enough time to train!

Here’s me, sporting my new swim gear and very excited about it…




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3 responses to “Just keep swimming…

  1. yay! One step at a time, Lauren! Cute new suit/goggles!! SO glad you are loving Triathlon. Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions – anything!

  2. Yeah, rock on! Your journey is very inspiring.
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