Some Assembly Required.

Swim cap.

Those pieces I have.  And I’ve learned how to put them all together and be completely adorable.  (See this previous post for evidence.) But as it turns out, it takes more than just a fabulous ensemble to make a good freestyle stroke. Right now, I’m spending time collecting pieces.

Head position.
Arm extension.
Sweet spot.

I love each of these pieces individually.  I love the water.  I’m happy in the pool.  I love swim drills.  When I have just one piece to focus on… well… it may not be perfect, but it’s decent.  I have a handful of drills I can run through each time I go to the pool.  Once in a while, I try to put all of the pieces together, and it comes out looking like a jumbled mess.  Kind of like putting together Ikea furniture without looking at the directions.

The good news in all of this?  I’m starting to feel the difference between the good pieces and the extra ones they always seem to throw in the box.  I can tell when my rhythm is off, my arms spinning in circles like a cyclist’s legs.  I can feel my head moving just a little too high when I take a breath.  I can feel the extra effort it takes to get through the water when I don’t take the time to find my “sweet spot.”  I may not always be able to correct it, but at least I am starting to see what it will take to get there.

It’s kind of like that Ikea table in our dining room.  When we first put it together, it looked great, but two or three pieces were attached wrong and the leaf didn’t work properly.  For a brief moment, we thought about just leaving it that way and fixing it later.  But the truth is, some things are now or never.  With heavy sighs, we took apart most of the table and put it back together the right way.  Putting it together the second time was quicker, because we understood how everything was supposed to fit together.

Back to the pool for some more swim drills tomorrow.  Just one step closer to putting my table together.



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2 responses to “Some Assembly Required.

  1. Cal

    Inspired by Sean Rhoades.

    • littlerunnergirl

      Ha. And the thoughts in my head while I was swimming. And also the Ikea table in my dining room that we had to put together twice. :) And yes, Sean Rhoades.

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