Forward is a Pace… in Running and in Life.

I adopted the mantra “Forward is a Pace” for my running life a little over a year ago.  That’s when I bought this domain and vowed that I was really, seriously going to keep this place updated from now on.

Yeah.  That seems to have gone well.

But I think there are some pretty solid reasons I can’t ever maintain a running/triathlon blog for more than a few months at a time.  For one, I’m not anywhere close to a professional.  In fact, I’m only a semi-serious triathlete.  I love running, and I am falling in love with triathlon, that’s for sure.  But I also have a weak spot for Diet Coke and Taco Bell, a serious love of Hanson, and a tendancy to get so lost in a good book that I read until the wee morning hours without noticing how late it’s gotten.  I’ve been known to skip a workout in favor of ninety minutes more sleep. 

I’m finding my place in the feminist movement, navigating some pretty gigantic life changes, and still adjusting to married life 2.5 years later.  I’m disorganized, impulsive, happy, and busy.  I love baking, but I hate cleaning up the kitchen when I’m finished.  I love spending time with children and hearing their laughter, and helping pre-teens navigate life’s conflicts makes me feel like I’ve done something really important.

In short, there’s a whole lot more to this girl than running.  And sometimes my workouts aren’t that exciting.  Sometimes, what is interesting is the new project I thought up while I was on my long run.  Sometimes, I have a completely-unrelated-to-running goal that I’m striving toward.  And sometimes, I’m just obsessing about my short hair, why I bothered to cut it in the first place, and what it says about me that I’m still so consumed by the length of my hair four months later.

I thought about starting a new blog, but then the idea of keeping up with this one, and the potential new one, as well as Outside the Girl Box and contributing to Learn. Dream. Live. Run. and Equality 101?  Well, let’s just say I figured that change would just mean neglecting two blogs instead of just this one.

And then it hit me.  “Forward is a Pace” is not just a running mantra.  It’s about taking things one step at a time.  It applies to everything from running marathons to setting goals to living healthy to learning to love yourself just as you are.  So I expect I’ll be around these parts quite a bit more often now.  I’ll still be talking triathlon sometimes, but I’ll also be sharing other journeys, too.  I hope you’ll join me along the way.


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