I’m Ready.

This weekend, I got ready, mentally and logistically, to start training for 70.3.

I spent New Year’s Day cleaning out my office and organizing my triathlon gear. It sounds boring, but it was actually pretty entertaining. You find things when you clean out boxes and boxes that have been sitting in your office since you moved out of your parents’ house. Things like the perfect little sterling silver heart necklace that a high school boyfriend gave me on my 16th birthday. (And little silver necklaces from every boyfriend that followed, who inevitably tried to replace the necklace I wore every single day. It wasn’t truly replaced until about 7 years later, when I replaced it myself.)  Things like high school yearbooks, which force you to sit and read silly messages from very angsty times.  And favorite books, old notes, even a $20 store credit to Gap. 

So organized!

By the end of the day, Princess Buttercup (my bike) was all set up on her indoor resistance trainer, ready to go for a cold, snowy winter of indoor riding.  As evening came, I was building shelving to organize all of my tri gear.  I got rid of all my ill-fitting tech shirts, tracked down all the Gu, water bottles, foam rollers, and sports bras.  I was happy to find that pretty much everything could be contained within the shelving unit.  Impossible-to-fold bike shorts hang just above it; sports nutrition sits in a basket on top alongside foam rollers and massage therapy tools.

Doing everything I can logisically to prepare helps me mentally, too.  I won’t have to worry about where my goggles are or where I had my Garmin last.  Everything has a place, and that makes me feel better.  And now, despite the fact that I’m more than a little terrified that Coach is going to really, really push me… I’m thinking positive.  I’m excited to see what I’m made of, and to carve out the time for all my workouts.  Training kicks off with a short run and some bike drills today.  I already have a little post-it note on my bike trainer that says: FORWARD IS A PACE/NEVER GIVE UP/GOTRC to remind me to think positive, and of course, to remember the reason I’m racing.  And to be honest, I’m pretty excited to see what I’ll be able to do in Elizabeth’s capable hands.

So, hey, Steelhead training, I’m ready.  Let’s go.


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