Just Like Seeing Hanson for the First Time

Last night, I saw Les Misérables.

I was so excited, I probably would have skipped into the Cadillac Palace Theater if my high heeled shoes would have allowed it.  Seeing the Les Mis logo on the program made me jump for joy internally.  When the opening notes started, I began to smile. From ear to ear.

Come to think of it, I probably looked a little crazy to anyone who could peel their eyes from the amazing performance.  There I was, beaming, while watching one of the saddest productions that exists.

But I’d waited 14 years to see this.  I have loved Les Mis since Mrs. Strongin taught us about the story in eighth grade and we watched the 10th Anniversary Concert in class. That same year, Joey Potter sang “On My Own” on Dawson’s Creek and I learned the song in voice lessons. Coincidence? I think not. I was clearly meant to fall in love with this show.

Today, I have tried to explain the experience of seeing it live, and fallen short every single time. Words fall short. There is not a way to describe seeing such a spectacular performance after 14 years of hoping.

Except to those who know me best… it was just like seeing Hanson for the first time.  The same excited anticipation, beaming the entire time, knowing every single word that was sung, (though I was able to sing along at Hanson) and thrilled at the realization that after all those years of waiting, it actually lived up to my expectations.


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