Just One of the Many

Before my first marathon -- Nike Women's Marathon, San Francisco, 2007 -- we've got that something!

Last week, I had a bit of a triathlon meltdown.  I was (well, still am) fighting an injury, and let myself get in a funk.  During said funk, I promptly decided that I am not cut out for Half Ironman training, and that I don’t even like it, nor do I have time for it.  (Disclaimer: none of these things is actually true.  This is the power of a “funk.”)

In one of my tear-filled conversations with J, he figured it out for me.

In a stress-filled life, running used to be my escape.

I looked forward to my workouts all day, crossing all my crossables that my schedule would allow it.  I was inconsistent.  Lots of times, work or sleep won out over training.  I got in enough runs to comfortably do the races I signed up for.  Summertime brought a freer schedule and structured training routine; the school year meant I’d fit it in when if I could.

Once I was running, I’d zone out.  Or solve all the world’s problems, only to forget the solutions before I made it out of the post-run shower.  I liked running with friends, but I lived for the runs spent inside my own head, which were usually my only alone time.

And then I took the stress out of my life.

Now, my training is still “me” time that I enjoy, but I’m not running away from anything anymore.  I love my job — all of it.  All of the extra things that I spend my time doing, (including — but not limited to — triathlon training) have been carefully chosen.  I don’t spend much time doing things out of obligation.  I fill my days with things I love.  Running is just one of the many.

It sounds obnoxious.  Feel sorry for me.  I’m so busy doing things I love that I am having trouble finding time to do all the things I love.  Obnoxious though it may be, it’s true.  Now that I’m not running away from the stress of everyday life, I have to be even more deliberate about planning my training into my days.

Crisis averted.  Schedule set.  Thanks, J.


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