Overheard at the Pool

As I was changing into my suit at the pool today, a little girl, maybe 8 years old, came busting into the locker room, singing at the top of her lungs.  Her mom was trailing behind.  I figured the mom would catch up and tell her to quiet down.  Instead, I heard this:

Girl: Kiss me… k-k-kiss me…

Mom: (grinning) infect me with your love and…

Together, they belted out Katy Perry’s “E.T.” either unaware or unbothered by all of the people around them, smiling the entire time.

Girl: Mom!  Are we going to swim outside or inside?

Mom: Inside!

Girl: But Mom!  It’s so nice out today!

Mom:  (chuckling) Not that nice out yet.

I couldn’t help but head to the pool with a spring in my step.


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