Swim Like a Fish

I am a neurotic swimmer.

Apparently, Lifetime Fitness is full of neurotic swimmers.  It is rare that swimmers share lanes at my gym.  As they add more swim lessons and adult swim clubs to the schedule, it is not rare for me to get to the pool to find 2 or 3 of the 5 lap lanes occupied by club activities and 2 – 4 people waiting for the 2 “available” lanes, which each have one swimmer.

I’m a pretty confident girl.  At this point in my swimming career, I am not a confident swimmer.  I am not going to be the weirdo one to suggest sharing lanes if the other four people waiting haven’t.

Sometimes this means waiting 30 or 40 minutes on the side of the pool in my swimsuit.  Sometimes it means leaving and returning to the pool later in the day.

Call me crazy.  I know I’m crazy.  But it’s worth it to me to have a lane to myself.  Kind of.  It becomes less relaxing when three people are pacing, waiting for your lane to open.  Pacing people have this way of making my goggles go insane, too.  My tiny face makes it really hard to find goggles that fit properly, and they always end up having leaking fits when there are people waiting for my lane.

evil leaky goggles

Last night, I did my swim workout at 10:30 pm.  There were enough people at the gym to keep the “it’s so creepy to be here so late” feelings at bay, but few enough that there were only two of us in the lap pool.

Ahhhh.  2 people for 5 lanes.  I could have had 2.5 lanes all to myself, if I had any use for all those lanes.

Because I was so relaxed, what I thought was going to be a mess of a late-night workout turned into one of the best workouts I’ve had in a long time.  Just me and the pool.

Now if only I could recreate that relaxed feeling the next time there are people in spandex pacing and breathing down my neck.


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  1. nice sotry. just swim girl! lol

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