There’s Two O’s in Goose, Boys: My Top 10 Movies

The other day, Goose (the husband) came home from work with a list he’d been furiously working on during the day.  He read a list of the top ten critically acclaimed movies and decided to make his own.  But his list was different.  Not a list of brilliant, life-changing, or even necessarily intelligent movies.  Just the 10 movies he’d want to watch on repeat if he could only have 10.

Needless to say, I mocked him relentlessly.

And then promptly created my own list.

In no particular order…

Singing in the Rain, 1952

That Thing You Do!, 1996

Grease, 1978

Now and Then, 1995

When Harry Met Sally, 1989

Mean Girls, 2004

Toy Story, 1995

RENT, 2005

A Walk to Remember, 2002



And of course… the greatest movie of all time

TOP GUN, 1986

Since I know your wheels are already churning… what are your top 10?



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2 responses to “There’s Two O’s in Goose, Boys: My Top 10 Movies

  1. I loved Mean Girls! Hilarious movie, and easy for all women to relate to. I also remember holding back tears (ok, failing to) while watching A Walk To Remember. Don’t know if you watch Nikita, but Shane West has really grown up! Have to admit, Top Gun is one of those films that I know I should see but for some reason I still haven’t seen…yet!

    • Lauren

      Did you know Mean Girls is actually based on a non-fiction book? It’s called Queen Bees and Wanabes.

      And you absolutely have to watch Top Gun! :)

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