Who Wants a Snazzy Watch?: Giveaway Alert!

I love my Garmin.  Really I do.  But sometimes, it’s way too much information.  There are days when I just don’t want to have a constant reminder of my pace, heartrate, total distance, and more.  Sometimes, it’s good just to run.  You don’t need a gadget to tell you if you’re having a good run or not.  Just run.  You’ll know. 

On those days, I still need to know what time it is.  Goose probably wouldn’t like it if I left for a 30 minute run and returned home an hour later.  I love my simple Timex Ironman watch that I picked up at Target for days like this.

Timex Ironman iControl Watch

Lucky for you, my friend Melinda is giving away a slightly more snazzy version of that watch on her blog, I Hate Running.  Head on over and comment on her post for a chance to win!


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