I Want to Ride My Bicycle; I Want to Ride My Bike

Cycling indoors is seriously boring, but it has its perks.  Like watching an episode of Glee or a movie you’ve never seen before… or both if the ride is really long.  For short rides, Justin Bieber, ‘N Sync, and Hanson blaring from speakers make a 50 minute ride seem like 5.

Outside, my brain plays one of two songs while I am cycling.  Two.  And given that I live in Illinois, I usually get to hear just one of them.

When the course is flat, I hear: Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my… bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!  I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride it where I like…

Hills?  Then I get this little ditty: What goes up must come down.  Spinning wheel… got to go roun’.  Talkin’ ’bout your troubles, it’s a cryin’ sin. Ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel spin…

Thank you, Queen and Blood, Sweat, & Tears.

This weekend was my first outdoor ride of the season and my first outdoor ride on Buttercup!  (You can tell what a hardcore triathlete I am, naming my bike “Buttercup” and all.) 

I took pictures of Buttercup ready for her inagural ride, but well, you saw what my room looks like.  I can’t find the cord to connect my camera to the computer.  So for now, stock photo from Trek. 

Dad and I hit the trails and all was well.  You know, except for that nasty headwind (20-30mph) that Dad decided I should ride into because “it’s good for your training,” and the fact that Queen was singing in my ear for 2.5 hours straight.

But the best part?  I rode 2.5 hours, outside, non-stop.  Which is good.  Because 56 miles is going to take a darn long time.



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4 responses to “I Want to Ride My Bicycle; I Want to Ride My Bike

  1. Well, I should first say (after mentioning my deep enjoyment of your blog), that I’m mildly amused at my findings. I, too live in Chicago, was a school teacher (only for two years), now find myself a nanny, and I’m a runner. A little creepy. During my long run last weekend in Naperville I was chatting with my running buddy and began to contemplate the Naperville Sprint Triathlon (the swimming part seems frightening, thus the ‘sprint’ part seemed appealing.) Anyhow, just thought I’d drop in and say hello! Enjoy your cycling!

  2. (Oh, and how could I forget to mention my love for Hanson as well. In fact, what attracted me to your site from the freshly pressed section was the, “There’s One Thousand Four Hundred Forty Hours in My Day” tagline. Immediately recognizing the lyrics I just couldn’t resist a click!

    • Lauren

      That’s hillarious — we have so much in common! Have you seen Hanson recently? I bet we have been at the same concert before. :) You should absolutely think about the Naperville Sprint or the Trek Women’s Tri up in Wisconsin. The Trek Women’s Tri was my first triathlon last year, and it was the most wonderful girl-power atmosphere ever. They even have “swim angels” armed with noodles to support you if you need to rest for a moment! It was the kind of race where after someone bumps you, instead of swimming over you, they stop and say, “OMG! Are you okay?!” before they continue with their swim.

  3. Melissa

    Buttercup is pretty!!! And I’m jealous that you have songs playing in your head. I can only count. To 60. It’s so annoying! I used to run without music fine, but now if I don’t have my iPod, it’s just counting to 60. Am I counting a minute? Hell no, it’s just to 60. I hate it. So then I say in my head “stop counting, stop counting, stop counting, stop counting” with every step. That’s annoying too. So needless to say, I never run without slippin in my ear buds these days. :sigh: I miss running with you!!

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