Happy Hanson Day!

Today, I am working from home and deciding frivilous things like what color to paint my nails for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons dinner tomorrow and how many outfits I can get away with packing for a two-night stay.  (Like a friend of mine, I am a ridiculous over-packer.  Because what if I get there and I don’t want to wear that outfit?

But today will be a good day.  I know that for certain because today is Hanson Day.  On May 6, 1997, Hanson released Middle of Nowhere and lives everywhere were changed.  (Yes, I am a big old Hanson-loving nerd.  But if you are reading this blog, you probably know that about me already.)

In honor of this momentous occasion, I give you my favorite song from each of their albums.  Some of these decisions were seriously gut-wrenching, so I hope you appreciate how difficult this was for me.

Where’s the Love?, Middle of Nowhere, 1997

At Christmas, Snowed In, 1997

Sure About It, This Time Around, 2000

Strong Enough to Break, Underneath, 2004 (This decision was damn near impossible.  Other close contenders were “Penny & Me,” “Lost Without Eachother,” “Get Up and Go,” “Hey,” and “Crazy Beautiful.”  This album is just so good.)

Been There Before, The Walk, 2007

Give a Little, Shout it Out, 2010



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8 responses to “Happy Hanson Day!

  1. I wish there was a LOVE button. You’ll be happy to know I conned my fiance into putting Give A Little on the playlist for our upcoming wedding :)

    • Lauren

      “I Will Come to You” was our unity candle song, and my attendants walked into the reception to “MMMBop.”

      When I first heard “Give a Little,” I called a friend and said, “Well, this explains why they have so many children.”

  2. Charlotte

    Wasn’t your last post about procrastination? Shouldn’t you be packing? :)

  3. So I have to tell you that Hanson was completely UNCOOL at my elementary school… :-/ idk if we can be friends any longer…

    ;) just kidding. this is probably the ONE thing that we don’t have in common lol. hope you seriously just went for it with the packing and broke out the full-sized suitcase! Enjoy the dinner tomorrow and CONGRATS!

    • Lauren

      Hanson wasn’t cool at my school either. ;) I chose to go against the grain.

      And yes, yes I do have a full-sized suitcase. With a tiny little stack for the hubby and the entire rest for me. Woohoo!

  4. Melissa

    Oh my God, Lauren, I love you! I had so much fun listening to Hanson everywhere I went yesterday. My friends were just as annoyed with me this year as they have been the last 14!!

    My list:
    MON: I feel like it sounds silly, but MMMBop. NOTHING get’s my heart pounding like the first few notes of that song! Also, Minute Without You!

    Snowed In: Merry Christmas, Baby. Taylor sounds too sexy for a child tobe sounding on that song! Be still my 14 year old heart!

    This Time Around: If Only!! And Song to Sing, when I’m feeling mellow. :)

    Underneath: Penny & Me and Lost Without Each Other. LWEO may have been put on repeat for a significant chunk of my run yesterday! :)

    The Walk: Somehow, this has become my favorite favorite album lately. Such great memories are attached to this album, that tour, these songs! Blue Sky and Something Going Round are my clear favorites though!

    Shout It Out: Give a Little. Ohhh baby!!! :)

    Random other favorite song that’s not on an album: Smile. LOVE!

    • Lauren

      Your list is ALL of my favorite songs to see live. :) Lost Without Each Other might be the very best song live… and If Only, though I get tired of jumping!

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