Girls Rule.

Girls have a bad rap for being catty, manipulative, and gossipy.  Some girls can be.  For a long time, I believed that pretty much all girls were.

All girls, of course, except my BFF, who has always amazed me with her sincerity, honesty, and straight-forwardness.  I have a vivid memory of getting to the bus stop in high school to have her immediately say, “Lauren, what is up with your hair? Let me fix it.”  While other girls might pretend that my hair was fabulous and talk about it behind my back, B just told it like it was, then helped me recover.

B & me at high school graduation


We had a sweet little foursome of buddies in sixth grade.  My summer in between elementary school and junior high was a lot like the movie Now and Then.  (Perhaps this is why I love the movie so much.)

After that, other girl friends came and went, but B has been constant since we met on her driveway at 10 years old.  Because she wasn’t like other girls.  Or rather, she wasn’t like my perception of other girls.  So other than B, I usually surrounded myself with guy friends.

And then I chose my college.  Clarke.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Clarke is 75% female.

I did move into the only co-ed dorm for freshmen students — one wing of girls, the rest boys.  (Probably because if they made the building all male, they’d have no place to house all the female students.)

At Clarke, I learned to love my female friends.  I am not sure if it was the abundance of women to choose from, the fact that my college friends are so ridiculously amazing, or that college was the time when we finally came into our own and started to figure out who we really are.  More than likely, it was some combination of those things.

I love my Clarke girls (and Melissa, too!).

And now, I work for an organization that pretty much only employs women… AND I LOVE IT.

I’m glad I finally came around.  I can’t imagine life without the love, support, and endless laughs I share with my girlfriends.

…and now… an excessive amount of photos.



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4 responses to “Girls Rule.

  1. I love this! I was “one of the boys” growing up because I found it easier. They rarely noticed what I was wearing and didn’t care to gossip about who was dating who. It took me until college to realize women were not the enemy :)

  2. Jen

    You know what? Yes. Yes. Seriously, yes. Every time a woman says something about how she “hates” hanging out with women because men have so much less drama, I stifle myself. A) Men don’t have less drama – it’s just DIFFERENT drama. And B) the women you “hate” to work for and “hate” being friends with is someone’s mom, someone’s sister, has shared someone else’s laughter and tears, and has her own struggles and history. Why would you join in on writing off an entire gender as vapid and bitchy when they are the women you know and love? It’s foolish and self-destructive, and it makes me sad because I know a lot of great women that are painted with that awful brush.

  3. I can completely relate to this! I learned to befriend the boys at a young age; my first sleepover was with a boy named Kyle who lived across the street in Kindergarten! Since college, I’ve learned to really love my girl friends and I truly value them. It’s interesting though, for the past (almost) year, I’ve been rooming with a guy I was good friends with in college. Due to this, I’m sort of back in with a group of good guy friends. I love them dearly, I truly do, but when I’m around them super frequently I really find myself missing my girls!

  4. Love, love, love, love this. I know what you mean completely! I didn’t really know or appreciate the women around me until my later teen and early adult years after HS and through college. I embraced them and realized just how many strong women there were surrounding me and how much I fed off of their positive energy and vice versa. It’s such a great place to be in knowing you have these people around – not that men can’t make you feel that way, too. But the aura is different!

    P.S. I have been reading your blog since you were FP and I added you on my roll!


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