And the Molly Award goes to…

Tonight was the last Girls on the Run practice of the season.

The perfect pre-5k extravaganza, the evening was full of smiles and giggles.  We snacked on fruit salad and indulged in cupcakes.  We made rockstar bracelets.

But most importantly, we presented the Molly Awards.  Named for Girls on the Run’s founder and vision keeper, Molly Barker,  the Molly Awards recognized a special gift that each girl brought to our team.  Sparkling Storyteller. Steady Heart. Firecracker. Thoughtful Contributor. Future Girls on the Run Coach.

After introducing each award, we described the recipient.  It was fun to watch the girls as they tried to figure out who would recieve each award.  Some they seemed to figure out right away, a few even the recipient seemed startled by!

And that’s really not that surprising, is it?  When asked to name the gifts of our friends and loved ones, I’m sure we could all come up with lists a mile long in a matter of seconds.  It’s not so easy when we’re asked to name our own.

The girls left practice tonight beaming.  They were overheard saying things like, “This really is ME!” and “I totally knew that one was going to be you.”

If you were in Girls on the Run, what Molly Award would you recieve?  (Don’t be afraid to get creative with the names!)


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One response to “And the Molly Award goes to…

  1. I love you, Coach Lauren!! :) I give you the “OMG, YOU TOO???” Molly Award because of how much I have LOVED all of the moments when we have realized we are the exact same person. :)

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