Triathlon-Induced Shopping

I have a tendency to get really excited about upcoming races and go shopping.  It’s silly, really, as I am a strong proponent of the “nothing new on race day” adage, so I don’t even wear the new gear on race day.  Still, today was one of those days.

First on the list: new googles.  I was heading to the pool for a swim today, and I’ve been having serious goggle issues.  Wouldn’t you know it, the solution was very simple: I need junior size goggles.  Yes, I have a child-sized face.  Awesome.  Regardless, they work, and my eyes were not full of chlorine after my workout today.  I’ll take it.  I’m currently rocking the Speedo Baja Junior Swim Goggles, which look like something a 6-year old would wear on vacation and are not really competition goggles.  But they keep the water out, which is an improvement, and now I can order competition goggles in a junior size.

As I was heading out with my little kid goggles, a shirt caught my eye.

So appropriate, given an e-mail exchange I had with Coach Elizabeth today about my race this weekend.  My main goal this weekend is positive mental attitude.  I have decided that the race will go well.  I am going to nail that swim, own the bike, and celebrate the run.

What tricks do you use to stay positive when it’s difficult?


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One response to “Triathlon-Induced Shopping

  1. LOVE the shirt :) Oh, and please buy some shark shaped or rainbow kid goggles…and post pictures… ;)

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