My Happy Place

I do not subscribe to Whole Living magazine (a Martha Stewart publication), but it shows up in my mailbox every month, without fail.  Usually they sit on my counter for a long time until we take a long car trip or an article catches my eye.  I glanced at the cover of the March issue yesterday and saw The Happiness Issue – 25 Ways to Get Unstuck and Find Your Happy Place.

Well, gosh.  I like being happy.  Sometimes I feel stuck.  So I picked up the issue, expecting some fool-proof list buried within the pages.  Instead, I found lots of articles about small things you can do to make you happy.  Dang it.  Not some huge overhaul, but tiny little things that can make each day a little happier.  At first, I felt pretty cheated… and, okay, I still kind of do.  I mean, come on  magazine, you promised 25 ways.  That sure sounds like a list to me.

But aren’t the little things really what it’s all about anyway?

Since Martha didn’t make me a list, I made my own.  25 things that make me ridiculously happy in less than 25 minutes, in no particular order.

1. A little workout.  Swim, bike, run, it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t have to be long.  Endorphins and a sense of accomplishment? Yes please.

2. Paint my toenails, preferably a fun color.

3. Go for a walk with Goose and Brady.  (I mean, look at that little face.)

4. Blast a rockin’ tune from a boy band, late 90’s music preferred, and sing as loudly as I can.  (Bonus points if Goose joins in!)

5. Sleep in.

6. Catch up on some of my favorite blogs. (Check them out in the sidebar.)

7. Spend time with children.

8. Call one of my girlfriends to catch up.

9. Take a power nap.

10. Sit outside in the sunshine, splash in puddles, play in snow, or walk on crunchy fall leaves.

11. Organize a drawer, closet, or other small space.

12. Read a chapter of a good book.

13. Watch an episode of 30 Rock, an SNL sketch, or a cute little youtube video.  Like this one.

14. Shop online.  This can be dangerous.

15. Whip up a treat — a smoothie, fruit salad, or a little bowl of ice cream.

16. Take a bubble bath.  (Anything over 20 minutes is way too long for me!)

17. Write a letter.

18. Plan an outing to look forward to — even if it’s something simple like a trip to the grocery store with Goose.

19. Anything at all involving Girls on the Run.

20. Watch a clip from Glee or any musical that I love.

21. Think about how I want to redecorate or reorganize at home. (Sometimes using for inspiration!)

22. Check something off my to-do list.

23. Call my mom or dad.

24. Dance.  Usually like a ridiculous fool to aforementioned 90s pop songs.

25.  Smile. Even if I can’t think of anything to smile about.  Sometimes it makes me happier anyway.

What makes you happy when you’re feeling down?  How do you get “unstuck?”



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5 responses to “My Happy Place

  1. thor27

    The simple things are the best. Nice Ilike what you said. Come by my blog sometime.

  2. I love the dancing Warbler vid!

  3. Thanks for entering my giveaway!!! I LOVE this post!!! Such a good idea. I especially love the last one…SMILE. Smiling always makes me happy :) But really more than anything I love coming home to my sweet pup and taking her on a relaxing walk…she always makes me happy :)

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