Just Get Dressed.

Just get dressed, Lauren.”

A good friend once gave me that advice when I was lamenting that I didn’t want to go out for my scheduled run.  Her theory was that putting on running clothes and shoes sounds simple.  It is simple.  Once you’re in them, it’s really hard not to go workout.  I’m not sure why.  Catholic guilt?  A sense of unfinished business?  Whatever the reason, it works.

Tonight I had to employ that advice.

I was dragging.  Really dragging.  As the minutes ticked by on the clock, I was losing my workout window, and I had not one, but two workouts to get in tonight.

And then I heard Barb in my head.  “Just get dressed.”

So I did.

This photo is not from tonight, but it works. Credit: Crain's Chicago Business

And after spending the first half of the run convincing myself I really did want to be out running, I had a wonderful run.  After that, I headed to the pool for a 40 minute swim.  (The Lake in the Hills open water swim was red flagged today — boo!)

And then… this girl swam 1650 yards  in 40 minutes.  For those of you keeping score at home, 1650 yards is equivalent to 1.5k, or an Olympic distance swim.  This is by far the fastest I’ve ever swum the distance, and a full 11 minutes faster than Saturday’s race.  Of course, this was in a pool, so some of the speediness comes from the black lines at the bottom and the complete impossibility of going off course.  And it’s not fast for most people.

But for me… it goes down in the record books as an epic workout.  All because I got dressed.


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