Treat Yourself

I like to reward myself after an especially difficult workout, indulge a little after a rough day, and even do something nice for myself “just because.”  (Just ask Goose.  I tend to think I deserve a lot.)

Sometimes I go shopping for something I feel less guilty about buying, like workout clothes.  (What?  I need them to keep training.)  I might pick up something small, like a new nail polish, and go to town painting my toenails bright blue.  I might keep it really simple and hop in a bubble bath, or even watch a really stupid show on TV and unwind.  (Secret Life of the American Teenager, anyone?)

Today, I am just dreaming about the treats I’m going to deserve after I cross the 70.3 finish line.  (What’s that?  It’s really expensive to get to that finish line and I shouldn’t be buying anything else?  Hush, you.)

I know I need to put in the work to get to the finish line first.  But sometimes tangible rewards help me focus a little better on that 1:45:00 bike ride on the trainer.

So for now, I’m lusting after this pretty little charm to put on a necklace.

I have to earn that one first.  So tonight, I’m going to hit the trainer, paint my tootsies with my TOMS/essie One Day Without Blues nail polish, and curl up with a good book.  It’s the little things.

What do you do to treat yourself?


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  1. Hell yes secret life!!! And LOVE that charm :)

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