Matt Nathanson & My Anniversary

Yes, that’s right folks.  You get two anniversary posts from me today.  A little confession: I wrote and scheduled the other one in advance.  Today, I have the writing bug, but I still want to write about Goose because I’m feeling all smitten.  I’ll try to spare you though, by telling you a little story.

About seven years ago, Goose and I met at a conference in Fargo, North Dakota.  We hit it off and spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other.  I was dating someone else at the time, though, and our friendship sort of dwindled during the summer months.  The following fall, he had an away message posted on AIM that I loved.  (Yes, back when it was still cool to use AIM, update your profile, and have witty, awesome away messages.)

Show me how pretty the world is, cause I envy the way that you move.

I loved it.  I was pretty sure he hadn’t written it, and I had to know more.  Turns out it was a line from a Matt Nathanson song called Pretty the World.

Goose and I got to talking again, and the rest is history.  By the end of the first week, I was as smitten with Matt Nathanson as I was with Goose.  (Fun fact: I was writing a paper that week and had absolutely no motivation.  For each page I completed, Goose sent me another song from Beneath These Fireworks, Nathanson’s latest album at the time.  I later purchased it, no worries!)

We both adore him.  Our first dance as a married couple was to Suspended, which Matt Nathanson has described as “one of like two and a half positive songs I’ve written.”  (Yes, I hang on his every word when I see him live.)  In fact, one of the highlights of our wedding planning process was when Matt himself decided which version of the song we should use.  Goose wanted the At the Point version, which is a bit slower, but live, and I voted for the studio recording on Beneath These Fireworks.

We saw him perform live just a few months before our wedding, and waited to talk to him after the show to settle the debate.  “At the Point. No question,” was his answer.  And that is how Goose won that debate.

Matt Nathanson decided to help us celebrate our anniversary today by releasing his new album, Modern Love.  (What?  You don’t think it had anything to do with us?  I disagree.  Just let me have this.)

Spinning to Suspended!

Since Matt brought us together, I figure it’s pretty appropriate that we’ll be spending our third anniversary rocking out to his new album, eating a hodge-podge dinner of our favorite foods, and watching our wedding video.  It’s the little things.


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