Note to Self

My workouts from Coach Elizabeth are sent to me through a wonderful training software called TrainingPeaks.  Because I receive them electronically, it would make sense to just print out the ones with specific directions and take them with me to the gym.  But I don’t.  The simple reason for this is that I’m a kinestheic  learner.  Writing down the workouts helps me commit them to memory so I don’t have to refer to them as often.

Though if I’m honest, the real reason I do it this way has nothing to do with learning styles.  I do it because it makes me happy and provides another way to motivate myself.  Usually, I use a small Girls on the Run notebook that has flowery pages.  I grab a fun-colored sharpie to copy down the workout, too.  Does it really matter that my workout is on pretty paper?  Of course not.  Still, it makes me smile.

Finally, I write notes to myself on the top and bottom of the workout, or sometimes next to particularly challenging parts.  I’ll think of  a short mantra or phrase to keep me going and just add it on the paper.  Often, I notice the words at just the right moment and they keep me going when I want to quit.

I’ve used this trick in other places of my life, too.  When I was teaching, I had a note posted on my desk that said, “Let me teach like the first snow, falling.”  (A line from the poem Undivided Attention  by Taylor Mali.)  That little note was a constant reminder to strive to captivate my students, and to embrace the things that excited them and use them for teaching opportunities.  It is because of that quote that I once spent a day teaching about polymers in science after a student showed up with some water marbles like these.  The whole class was talking about and playing with the marbles –why not show them that it was science?

A print from curly girl design on my office wall reads, “I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.”  When I’m feeling like I don’t make a difference, I remember to have confidence in myself and the things I’m doing.  In my own little way, I’m saving the world at Girls on the Run… one girl at a time.

Do you write yourself notes?  What other ways do you use to motivate yourself?


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