Best Holiday Ever: International Mud Day!

Today is International Mud Day.  No, seriously.  What an awesome holiday!  If you want to celebrate, too, here is a list of 30 activities to do in the mud.  (Thanks to Pigtail Pals for the link!)  Okay, the list is meant for children, but can you think of a better holiday to act like a kid?  I sure can’t.

To celebrate, here’s a look at the best thing I ever did in the mud: Muddy Buddy 2010 with my cousin Kurt!

Kurt and I dressed up like Lucy and Charlie Brown.  It was pure awesome, and there aren’t nearly enough photos documenting the fabulousness before we were entirely covered in mud.  Check out the awesome bike, too!

Mud. Lots of it.


Who wants a hug?

Oh so pretty.

Do you like to get messy/muddy?  How will you celebrate International Mud Day?



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4 responses to “Best Holiday Ever: International Mud Day!

  1. Seriously, nobody better tell my toddler about this :)

  2. LOVE ALL THE MUD!!!! :) I’d take that mud hug! Thanks so much for the link.

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