I Wish I Was Neat

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point recently posted about her theory on neat people — either they’re just always neat, or they make a mess and clean it up about once a week.

I am a wannabe neat person — I would love to be either of these kinds of neat.  You’ve all seen the mess I can create when I am overwhelmed and stressed.  The truth is, I don’t want to be making huge messes.  I want to be tidy.  I want a place for everything and everything in its place.  So many of my 30 before 30 goals relate to keeping up with things around the house.  Ideally, I’d like my house to be no more than an hour from company at all times — meaning that the house is tidy enough that within an hour, we could be ready to have people over.

In theory, I know its as simple as finally taking the time to really get our house clean and organized.  When we moved in, the house seemed so big that we just put things away without thinking about what made sense.  It’s time to pull everything out and look at the best way to do it.   I want to find solutions that work well for our lifestyle and don’t completely go against habits we already have. I am holding on to the hope that if we actually take the time to do it, we will also take the time to keep it up.

My triathlon gear still looks almost as pretty as this picture most of the time, so there is hope.

We did spend Memorial Day weekend cleaning up the downstairs and making some serious headway, but there is still much to do and many projects to accomplish.

I’ve been surfing the web for some good home organization blogs or tips, and I found some that I bookmarked immediately for future use.

  • Organizing Junkie has tips for organizing everything in your life, from rooms to time to meals!
  • Organized Mom is run by three sisters with a knack for keeping things in the right place.
  • I love the photos on the Creative Organizing blog.  They give me a great sense of what our house could look like if we took the time to get it there.
  • A Fresh Start has beautiful photos and ideas too, but it appears they’ve stopped blogging.  Still, it’s a good resource to get me headed in the right direction.
I have most Fridays off during July.  Looks like I found a way to fill that time!
What are your best tips and tricks for home organization?


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3 responses to “I Wish I Was Neat

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  2. Thanks for the links! Love the ideas they have on their blogs. Now if I can just find the time . . .

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