Triathlon Pre-Race Checklist

This week is really sneaking up on me.  I suppose a five-day weekend will do that to a girl.  But here it is, already Wednesday, and I am four days away from race day before I even realized the week started.

I am probably too excited for the Trek Women’s Triathlon this weekend.  I love returning to familiar races.  I like to know what it feels like when the race is almost done, and not be caught off guard with many more miles to go than I anticipated.  I dove into triathlon a whole lot quicker than I did running, so there is just one race that I can repeat this year.  It’s the only one I did last year.  Trek.

I am headed into the weekend confident, excited, and ready to beat last year’s times.  That doesn’t mean I won’t make a list a mile long of all the things I need… and check it approximately 97 times.

Want to compare your list against mine?  Here’s what I’ve got.


  • Trisuit
  • Wetsuit
  • Goggles (2 pairs — just in case!)
  • Swim cap
  • Flip flops for walking around before the race
  • Towel for transition area (I use the corner to wipe off my feet quickly after the swim, too!)


    • Helmet
    • Cycling gloves
    • Cycling shoes
    • Socks
    • Pump
    • CO2
    • Sunglasses
    • Bike!


  • Running shoes
  • Race belt (or race skirt, in my case!)
  • Extra socks — just in case
  • Running watch

Other: sports nutrition, comfy clothes and compression socks for the ride home

Is there anything on your pre-race checklist that isn’t on mine?


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