Just Like 7th Grade

Remember those e-mail forwards you used to get in seventh grade where you’d fill out a little survey about yourself?  Name… nicknames… crushes… favorite color…?  I used to love filling those out.  (I mean, I also liked to pick up random job applications at stores when I was in elementary school, just because I liked filling out forms and paperwork.  So the surveys were just the “cooler” version.)

In fact, my Maid of Honor used one of them in her toast to me.  We’d printed it out and written the answers in a little notebook.  Years later, she still had the notebook and one that focused on all the things we liked about boys.  She compared my seventh grade answers to my 23-year-old answers.  It was hilarious and adorable.

Given that these surveys are like crack to me, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that the wonderful Amy at Juiceboxes & Crayolas tagged me in a post, passing along a blogger award and a fun survey!  (Is it bad that I’m more excited to fill out the survey than anything else?)

Favorite cartoon character:

Gadget from Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers.  She was a tough-cookie mechanic, and I loved her.

Favorite thing to photograph:

My amazing friends.  This one is a particular favorite.  I took it shortly after Goose and I got engaged, and I remember being thrilled at how genuinely happy he looked to be hanging out with some of my best pals.

Favorite thing to cook:

I prefer baking to cooking anyday.  And though I can make many delicious cookies, tried and true chocolate chips just may be my favorite.

Favorite exercise:

Running.  I love triathlon, but running is my first and truest love.

Favorite movie:

Top Gun. How is there even another option?

Favorite article of clothing:

My Clarke Track & Field sweatpants, despite the fact that I was never on the team.  I bought them from a roommate for a fundrasier, and they are so comfy!  My Gap Long & Lean jeans are a close second.

Favorite flower:

Photo credit: Becky Hill Photography

Gerbera Daisies.  The ladies holding them aren’t too shabby, either.

Favorite breakfast:

click for source

Does bacon count as a whole breakfast?

Favorite recently-read book:

The Hunger Games trilogy. Love all three.

Favorite place to be:

The Atlantic Ocean, preferably Cape Cod.  Oh, I love it there so much.


Oh my goodness I am tired from surveying.  Passing some love along to…

Melinda at I Hate Running

Molly at Muppets on Parade

Katie at Running Badgers

Betsy at The Everyday Warrior

Yes.  Just four, not five.  I have a thing about even numbers.  Just go visit those blogs, okay?

Did you like filling out those surveys in junior high?  Am I the only one?



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3 responses to “Just Like 7th Grade

  1. Yay! I loved those middle school surveys too. I also loved the ones that you sent to a friend blank and made them fill out about you. Looking back, those seem ridiculously self-involved…oh well, weren’t we all self-involved at 14?? ;)

    LOOOVE Hunger Games!!!

    • Lauren

      Ah, yes. A little self-involved. But then again, isn’t blogging just our grown up version of a self-involved online hobby? :)

  2. Thanks for the blog love! You made my day! I also liked filling out those surveys! But what I like even more than that, is filling out mad libs. Even at 32 years old, they still make me laugh!

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