I’m Going to Be Neat. I Am.

When I posted about wanting to be organized, a couple of my friends commented on Facebook offering to help.  One of them has seen everything from my dorm room to my house in all its messy glory and knew exactly what she was getting into.  (I think she’s just lost her mind.)  The other had no idea what she was getting into.

Being the loving friend that I am, I enlisted the latter for some quality organization time today.  Poor Amy didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to help me tackle my kitchen cabinets.

(Hey Coach — don’t worry.  I know it was a total rest day and I was supposed to avoid substantial housework.  By “Amy helped me” I really mean “I stood around/sat on my kitchen floor and stared in disbelief while my cabinets became clean.”)

I didn’t take any before pictures.  I didn’t have a chance.  The moment I opened the cabinets, Amy became visibly uncomfortable with the clutter and began her attack.  It. Was. Awesome.  But if you just picture what my bedroom floor looks like when I get stressed, multiply that with absolutely no plan, and three years of clutter accumulation, that is what my kitchen cabinets and drawers looked like.

I had four junk drawers.  There was tupperware in three different cabinets.  At one point, Amy gave me this advice.  “Lauren, organization isn’t really that hard.  You could start by grouping like things together.”

Group we did, and in a matter of hours… my kitchen has a place for everything, and everything in its place!

Oh, how I wish I had before pictures.

As much as I wish I could just keep inviting Amy over and showing her really messy stuff, hoping she’ll organize it for me, I can actually straighten some things up on my own.  Last Friday in my organizing spree, I tackled my office.

Looking mighty fine if you ask me.

We’re in mega-organization mode over here.  What are your best organization tips?



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6 responses to “I’m Going to Be Neat. I Am.

  1. Melissa

    Your office looks GREAT, Lauren!!!!

    • Lauren

      I am so in love with my bookshelves. Seriously. It’s my mini-version of the library in Beauty and the Beast.

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