On Ulcerative Colitis: It’s Part of Who I Am

I just found a new running blog I adore. Ali on the Run.  Ali lives with Crohn’s Disease (or as she says, kicks it in the butt) and is a tough cookie runner training for her first marathon for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.  Ali inspires me because she is open and honest about her Crohn’s Disease, but she doesn’t focus on it.  She makes me believe that anything is possible, even when living with an autoimmune disease!  She is positive and strong.

I have found such comfort in reading her blog.  It is nice to feel like someone understands what the rough days with UC can be like, (actually, Crohn’s is worse!) and her can-do attitude gives me courage.

For a long, long time, I have been debating having a tab at the top of my blog dedicated to Ulcerative Colitis.  Today, you will see it there.  UC is just one part of who I am.  It does not define me.  However, the same can be said about the fact that I’m a triathlete.  Or runner.  Or wife, sister, friend, daughter, nanny, intern, social media addict… you get the idea.  We all have so many things that make up who we are, and you can only highlight so many of them on a blog.

It might seem weird to some that I’m choosing to highlight a disease as part of who I am on my blog.  Trust me, I totally understand why you’d think that.  It’s why I hesitated for so long.  But if just one person finds comfort in what I say, or one person develops a greater understanding or sense of empathy for someone in their life with Crohn’s or Colitis, it is worth it.

What pieces of yourself do you choose to share?  Are there some you choose to hide?



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9 responses to “On Ulcerative Colitis: It’s Part of Who I Am

  1. Lauren! You are so sweet. I love connecting with others who can relate to the whole “Crohn’s & Colitis are really sexy diseases” thing. I think it’s great that you’re willing to share your experiences. I was hesitant at first, too, but now I’m SO glad I’ve been open about having Crohn’s Disease. I’ve met so many amazing people. A lot of people can nod sympathetically and say they understand, but it’s even better when you find people who can REALLY relate to you and have been through what you’ve been through. I look forward to reading more from you — and thanks for the shout out!

    • Lauren

      Girl, I look forward to your blog everyday! It took me six years to be comfortable with being open about it, but I am starting to realize how GOOD it feels to be honest and open. It’s just a part of me. Like anything else!

      • Love Ali, and totally agree – there is nothing more comforting then findind someone who completely, 100%, relates to what you’ve been through. The “sympathetic nods” just don’t do enough after a while. Glad you commented on my site, looking forward to reading your blog and others on your UC page!

  2. Have you seen Teresa Nelson’s blog? She also has ulcerative colitis and races triathlons!

  3. All those little parts to who you are is what makes you so unique and special! Diseases and all! I love that you embrace all of those things, because being yourself and sharing yourself with others and on your blog is inspiring and touching peoples lives! That quote couldn’t be more perfect! Thanks for “bravely” sharing that special part of you today!

  4. Hi Lauren. Thanks so much for posting on my blog. Means so much to know there are other triathletes out there dealing with the same issues. Please let me know if you need any help, questions, etc. We are in this together. My friend Kim has UC and races triathlon too (you can find her blog under my list under “teta means….” Happy training! tn

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