Not the Right Time: Blessed

This is the final post in a series about my decision not to race 70.3 this year.  

For the earlier installments:
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On Sunday morning, I sent an e-mail and posted here about my decision not to race Steelhead.  I was feeling sad and a little apprehensive.  How would people react?  Would they understand?

One of my very best gal pals called me on Sunday afternoon.  “Lauren, I just got your e-mail,” she said.  “I feel like we need to mourn.”  So we did.  I told her everything from the very beginning, and she let me be sad and angry and relieved and every emotion in between.  I’m still mourning, but her call, and her understanding of exactly what I needed without me having to say it, made me feel just a little bit better.

My amazing friend Regina, who helped me mourn. Please note, this is not actually a photo of us mourning. It's just a photo of us looking pretty. Photo courtesy Becky Hill Photography

I got kind, supportive e-mails, text messages, and notes.  I’m overwhelmed.  I felt like a quitter and I was met with nothing but love.

I am not a quitter.  This is the end of one journey, but it’s not the end.  It doesn’t mean that ulcerative colitis has won, and I am resolved to come back stronger than ever.  I know I will, because I am blessed with love, support, and understanding.  It seems I have surrounded myself with people who see the bigger picture and know that there are more important things than just one race.

Who helps you when you’re feeling down?  



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4 responses to “Not the Right Time: Blessed

  1. It sounds like you’ve made the decision that is best for you and that’s all that matters. Best of luck with everything you do the rest of this summer!!! :)

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