Seven Things I Hate About You

Wait.  That’s not right.  That’s just a Miley Cyrus song (one that I don’t particularly like, actually) that’s stuck in my head.

Sha.  Sha.

Anyway.  Melinda over at I Hate Running (she doesn’t really hate running, no matter what she says) tagged me with the One Lovely Blog Award.  Not only is it incredibly sweet of her, it completely rocks because I have total writer’s block at the moment.  So now I get to tell you seven random things about me.  Be excited.

I have tons of nicknames.  So many, in fact, that my parents were afraid I wouldn’t respond to “Lauren” when they sent me to preschool.  They called me Lauren for several weeks to make sure I knew it was still my name.  My nicknames over the years have included Lue, Lauren Lue, Mooey Looey, Lucy, Missy, Ren, Ringo, Pickles, and Strawberry.  Just to name a few.

My preschool self is so adorable and ladylike.

I met my husband at an honors conference.  Though Goose and I are both from the Chicago suburbs (and grew up just 10 minutes apart!), we met at the Upper Midwest Honors Conference in Fargo, North Dakota.  We were both given a yellow sticker on our nametags the first night, so we had to sit at the yellow table.  (Clever, huh?)  We really hit it off and lived happily ever after.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I had a boyfriend at the time.  But eventually the boyfriend and I broke up and Goose and I lived happily ever after.  He presented about Amelia Earhart, my childhood hero.  Swoon.

I met Hanson when I was 23.  I have loved them since I was 12.  I didn’t think I would be nervous, but my hands were shaking the entire time.  I got to stand next to Zac in the picture.  It was epic, despite the fact that I look totally shell-shocked, or even unenthusiastic, in the picture.

Dear Zac Hanson, please marry me.

I am really good at spotting fast food restaurants.  Seriously.  I can spot a McDonald’s from miles away.  Love me some McD’s Diet Coke.  I know, it’s awful for me.  I’m addicted.

My dad and I have gone to see a musical every year since I was in seventh grade.  Our first was Phantom of the Opera at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago.  We’ve seen all kinds of shows over the years: Singing in the Rain, Jersey Boys, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee to name a few.

My favorite running distances are 10k & half marathon.  Both seem at least kind of big, but don’t require you to give up your life to train for them.  I am hoping to train for a half marathon once I’m on the mend.  (Until then, I’m hanging out on my couch and at the pool.)

In May, I was named one of Ten Outstanding Young People in Illinois by the Junior Chamber of Commerce.   I was completely overwhelmed, but it was incredibly fun.

So that’s me.  Seven more random facts about me anyway.  As always, if there’s anything you’re dying to know that I haven’t told you, drop me a line at

Here are some bloggers who I find lovely and want to know seven random things about:
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Check those blogs out because they are awesome.

What is a random fact about you?  I’m dying to know.



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4 responses to “Seven Things I Hate About You

  1. haha. i always had a lot of nicknames as well! and I AM SO JEALOUS that you met Hanson!!!!!!!! so freaking cool! congrats on the award…that sounds like an amazing honor!

  2. Yay thanks!!!! I’ll start working on my list : )

  3. Thanks for the tweet. Team Challenge has been an amazing organization to be part of and I’m always touched to meet new people who are afflicted with IBD, hopefully the cures or advancements will come quickly now that this program is in affect!

    Looking forward to following your blog!

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