Clean My House in 20 Minutes a Day? Yes, Please!

My house is finally getting close to “okay, just keep it this way now” clean.  Yes, a far cry from that messy room picture, all thanks to a little organization and the One Minute Rule.

Before you go getting all excited, this is not a first.  My house has been cleaner than this before, only to have me mess it up seemingly as fast as possible.  But something was missing from my arsenal before.

How to Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days

The idea is that cleaning just a little bit every day makes it more manageable.  It’s not all packed in one big time-suck block, and your house stays tidy all the time.  I was going to wait to start it until August 1 so I could start at the beginning.  But then I thought, “Why wait?”  So today is day 21.  Surface clean bathrooms.

I can totally do that.



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3 responses to “Clean My House in 20 Minutes a Day? Yes, Please!

  1. I did a massive cleaning today, too, and I always think to myself “How does it get so messy?” I love the way the house looks while clean but yet it’ll only look like this for about 14 minutes.

  2. Nice! I tried Flylady for a while, which is pretty much the same premise, but this list seems simpler and easier to manage.

  3. What a genius idea. Love it. I could use this too :)

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