Weekend Days Have Lots of Hours

It is amazing how long weekend days seem when they are not filled with long runs and long bike rides.  What do people do with all this free time?

Last night, I went to bed around 10:00 and still managed to oversleep my 9:00 alarm today.  Good job, Lauren.  I blame all of the nights of insomnia this week.  I eventually made it out of bed to meet a close friend for brunch in the city.

Yum.  Still on the “everything I eat is bland” diet, I had some buttermilk pancakes and water.  But they were delicious, and I was actually hungry for them.  It was a welcome change.  Best of all, my tummy seemed to like them.  Baby steps.

After picking up around the house a little bit, I headed to the pool with Coach Amy.  The plan was to lounge by the outdoor pool at the gym, and then do a little swim workout.  I was ridiculously excited to swim some laps.  13 days of no workouts has left me craving the endorphins and structure that a training plan brings.

We lounged.  I read trashy magazines, Amy napped, and all was well.  Then it was time for a tiny workout.

I swam 450 yards and was so excited about it you would have thought I swam 450 miles.  It felt amazing to be back in the water, and reminded me that I can’t go crazy immediately.  I’m still not eating a ton (I have no appetite most of the time) and my body is recovering little by little.  The fitness will come back.  I’m not worried.  As a wise triathlon coach (who also has UC) told me, “Our bodies are fighting the disease and we need to let them.”  So I’m letting my little body fight, and taking it one “Little Victory” at a time.

What do you do on days that aren’t filled with training? Have you ever been surprised how long they are?


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One response to “Weekend Days Have Lots of Hours

  1. i feel the SAME way about having tons of hours in my weekends now! even though i’m still working out, an hour workout on a sunday is nothing compared to a 15 min warm up, a 2 hour run, an hour of stretching/icing/foam rolling…suddenly i have time for a million other things! (that being said, i would rather be running…)

    loved our pool date yesterday! let’s do it again soon please. :)

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