So, apparently most people don’t get really nostalgic for their alma mater when they are just 4 years post-college.  I was the youngest person at the Clarke College University event by at least five years.  (Unless you include Katie, who is on staff as the Alumni Relations Coordinator.  Then I was the youngest person by three years.)

I still had a wonderful time.

I got a fancy nametag.  (So did Goose.  Since his didn’t have a graduation year, someone asked him if he was a current student.  Awesome.)

I ate some yummy food.  I chatted with some alums, including the admissions rep who recruited me to Clarke.  I even won a prize.

It was a travel mug.

And Goose got a stellar Clarke hat.  (Don’t worry, I will make him wear it all the time.)

I really like Clarke.  And I really like my husband for putting up with the fact that I want to attend alumni events when I am 26.  This was my first, but it most certainly will not be my last.

I admit I might be a little overly obsessed with Clarke.  What obsessions do you have?  Come on, make me feel less lame.

P.S. I borrowed took my mom’s camera and I can’t figure out how to get the date off the pictures. So yeah. I took the photos today.


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  1. I’m not all that attached to my college; I was pretty sick at that time so I really just went through the motions – focused on school and lived at home. I did love my high school but feel no need to go to reunions – I still see all the people I want to! ha

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