Quiet Productivity Playlist

I’m the kind of person who used to bring my headphones to the library to study.  I crave background noise.  I need it.  I can’t function when it’s too quiet.

Different occasions call for different kinds of music, so the music that inspires my work ethic is not the same music that I’d rock out to when I hit the gym.

When I want to blog, relax, or even just unwind after a long day, here are the tunes that will be playing in the background.

I Saw – Matt Nathanson (and pretty much everything else he’s ever written)

Blackbird – Glee Cast Version

The Luckiest – Ben Folds

Collide – Howie Day

Go – Hanson (and everything mellow they’ve ever done, too!)

Upside Down – Jack Johnson

Chariot (Stripped Version) – Gavin DeGraw

Everything’s Right – Matt Wertz

Why Georgia – John Mayer

Wonderwall – Oasis

Ahhhh.  I feel more relaxed just from making that playlist.

What do you listen to when you need to unwind?  Do you need it silent to work, or do you like some music in the background?



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2 responses to “Quiet Productivity Playlist

  1. Usually I like quiet, or a tv on low volume. If I realllllly need to relax, I actually break out the classical. Studies have shown the brain releases relaxing hormones when listening to it.

  2. Great list! I love to listen to The Civil Wars, Rachael Yamagata, and Ray LaMontagne when I am in chill mode. I am also a Howie Day fan :-)

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