Ouch. That Hurt.

Last night, I had a date with this.

Well, hello there.

I noticed that my calves and IT bands were feeling a little achy after Monday’s tiny run.  My first thought was, Seriously, legs? Suck it up.  Then I decided to torture help them instead.

I warmed them up with a relaxing soak in the hot tub at the gym, then got to work with the foam roller.  Ow. Ow ow ow.  I do think it helped, though.  Goose came with me and just kept saying, “That looks painful.”  He was doing his best to be super supportive, can you tell?

After torturing my legs, I thought mocking them further would be my best option.

I went to yoga.

The name of the class was Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and I mistakenly thought it was one I had taken before.  It was not.  “This is a challenging class,” the instructor said.

She did lots of poses like this:

click for source

She also said, “If you need to stay in child’s pose for the rest of the class, that’s okay,” every single time I was in child’s pose, taking a break.  So pretty much, I’m awesome at yoga and my muscles hate me.

But I stuck it out for the whole class, and the foam rolling helped.  So I guess we’ll call it a win?

What fitness-y things do you totally suck at?  (Come on, make me feel a little better about my lame yoga experience.)



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2 responses to “Ouch. That Hurt.

  1. Definitely managed to hurt my neck doing CHILD’s pose the other day. No shame, lady!

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