A Little Heath Update & Pictures of My Puppy

First things first.  My dog is adorable.

Hi, my name is Brady and I am really cute.

We’ll get back to Brady in a minute.

Today, I had a follow-up with my doctor about my recent flare-up.  He was glad to hear I was taking it easy, and I’m on the road to recovery!  (Hooray!)  We figure I’m about 60% better now and will be back in the game in the next three weeks or so.  We talked a lot about ulcerative colitis and my love of endurance sports.

I love my doctor because he’s honest, but I always feel like he takes my wants, needs, and overall happiness into account with his answers.  He said that once the flare up passes, he thinks I should go back to doing whatever it is that makes me happy and feels manageable for my body.  His only condition was that if I started to feel like a flare was coming (joint pain or other symptoms), I should back off for a few days, call him, and likely up my medication just a little bit until it passes.

I think this is a wonderful solution that will allow me to keep doing the things I love while listening to my body.

Justin Bieber also thinks this is great news and celebrated my making a heart with his hands. (I'd link the source, but the article was not a nice article about my Biebs. E-mail me if you want it.)

So I’m already thinking about a small-ish goal I can make a comeback with.  Stay tuned, kids.  It’ll be no Half Ironman, but I will do something to show my UC that I can kick it in the face.

In other news, Goose and I got home from the doctor and realized that Brady was really stinky.  Really stinky.  It was time to head to Petco and use the self-service dog washing station.


Why are you doing this to me?


Please help me.

I love the self-washing station at Petco because for just $12, you get all the dog shampoo you need, towels, access to their hair dryer, and best of all the mess is not at my house.  Goose did most of the washing and then held Brady so he wouldn’t shake while I dried him off.  Brady was very pathetic and sad the entire time, but he seems to still like us after all the trauma.

Have you gotten any good news lately?  What is a silly expense that’s worth it to you, like Petco self-washing is to me?



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4 responses to “A Little Heath Update & Pictures of My Puppy

  1. Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. I can marginally sympathize with mild IBS which can flare and knock me out. My good news ? I’ve been accepted to start college in the fall – at 41 with two kids :) My silly expense is my magazine habit. While I rip through them like a kid going through wrapping paper, I just love them. Since I don’t smoke or drink and can’t eat chocolate, I figure this is a fair trade. Have a great day !

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