Summer in the City

It’s Friday!

Insert silent cheer here.

I never get tired of this picture.


Today it is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday. Tomorrow is Saturday. (I also never get tired of Rebecca Black references.)  Saturday means that friends of ours are coming to visit!  In the past four years, I’ve only seen them once and Goose hasn’t seen them at all, so needless to say we are really excited.

Since they’re not from around here, that means we’ll be doing some touristy things in the city.  I actually love visiting Chicago like a tourist.  There are so many fun things to see and do, but we usually don’t make the time to go see them.  Their main requests are Chicago-style pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, and shopping.  Oh, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll also probably visit our favorite museum, The Museum of Science & Industry.  (Yes, I got a membership for my birthday. I’m cool like that.)

Goose's goal list from the YOU! exhibit on one of our visits

We will, without a doubt, introduce them to Lou Malnati’s and Portillos.  I might have to be a little more careful with my indulgences, but these are two Chicago cuisines we feel they must experience.  We might throw in a visit to Emmett’s Brewery or Italian Village, too.  Personally, I love to take out-of-towners to Ed Debevick’s, and I think this couple would be perfect for that crazy place, but there are only so many hours in the day.  Wherever we choose to eat, I know it will be good.

There will also be shopping, and hopefully a visit to the bean.  What touristy trip is complete without it?

It’s going to be a good weekend.

Fellow Chicagoans, what are your favorite slightly-touristy attractions?  Those of you from other cities, what are your must-dos when out of town guests visit?



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4 responses to “Summer in the City

  1. I’m actually planning a philly tourist tips post for a few weeks from now : ) stay tuned!

  2. Sounds like fun! Enjoy!

  3. Have a fab weekend! We have so many fun trails to explore when in Seattle!! Come visit sometime!!

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