I had every intention of checking out that Barbell Strength class at the gym last night.

When I walked in the front door after work, I realized I was totally exhausted.  I didn’t sleep well on Monday night and I could definitely feel it.  Since I’m still forgiving myself a lot and trying to listen to my body, I decided for a night of total relaxation instead.  The weather even cooperated with thunderstorms, my absolute favorite lay-around-in-my-jammies weather.  I laid on the couch with Goose and listened to the rain for a while.

To take the pampering up a notch, I decided to indulge in some recent purchases from LUSH.

First, I slathered my face with the BB Seaweed face mask.  It was heaven.  Because you have to store their face masks in the fridge, they feel cool when you put them on your face.  After a while, my face felt all clean and tingly.  It was easy to rinse off and smelled delicious.  Totally relaxing.

Get on my face.

I also tried out the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb, which was hilariously awesome.  It has little Pop Rock-like things inside and after it dissolved, I could hear little crackling noises.

This is a real dragon's egg. I'm sure of it.

The night concluded with some fierce rocking out to my Matt Nathanson Pandora station (and by fierce rocking out I mean I listened to it curled up in bed with my eyes barely open) and an early bedtime.

It was perfection, and I start Wednesday a calmer, happier Lauren.

What is your favorite way to relax and unwind?

P.S. LUSH in no way endorsed this post. I just had a lot of relaxing goodies from that store due to a recent shopping trip!



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3 responses to “Relaxation

  1. i am positive that’s a real dragon’s egg too. :)

  2. I love Lush products. Love, love, love.

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