Celebrate Me Day

Today is my half birthday.  I’m twenty six and a half.

Does it seem ridiculous to celebrate a half birthday at 26?  If it does, I don’t care.

Several months ago, a friend of mine shared that she celebrates herself on the anniversary of her birthday every month.  Since my birthday is February 4, I promptly declared the fourth day of every month Lauren Day.  In our busy lives, it’s pretty easy to just rush-rush-rush and forget to take care of ourselves.  But once a month, I make sure to at least do something small just for me.

Not only does Lauren Day make that one day every month extra special, it also reminds me that there are really small things I can do everyday that make me happy!

I started off my celebration today by hitting the snooze button.  I slept until 8:30 and then lounged around in bed catching up on my favorite blogs for a while.  Yes, I also fell asleep on the couch somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 last night.  Extra sleep is bliss.

I wore a sunshiney yellow shirt that has sequins today.  It is bright and cheery, and the sequins make me feel a little bit like I’m an 8 year old at a dance recital.  Then, I documented this awesome shirt in the bathroom at my internship.

You're welcome. Yes, our bathroom mirror is COVERED in Operation Beautiful notes.

I also changed the desktop background on my computer while simultaneously rocking out to my Matt Nathason Pandora station.

That quote is all kinds of awesome.

Around lunchtime, something really fabulous happened.  I found out that Baskin Robbins thinks celebrating your 26 1/2 birthday is a good idea, too!  They sent me a coupon for buy one get one free ice cream to help with the celebrations.  It actually said, “Happy Half-Birthday, Lauren!” in bright pink letters at the top.  Obviously, I plan on taking Goose with me to get some ice cream tonight.

As for the rest of my day, I plan on a whole lot of lounging around, getting a little work done, and heading to see Crazy, Stupid Love with Goose later tonight.

It’s been a pretty awesome Lauren Day thanks to the fact that my vacation from work started this morning.  Most times, I just do one or two small things, like a trip for frozen yogurt, a quiet walk by myself, or a leisurely bubble bath.  Heck, even changing the background on my desktop counts.  It took all of 30 seconds and will make me smile every time I see it.

What little things do you do to treat yourself?  Anyone else make a point of celebrating themselves on a regular basis?



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9 responses to “Celebrate Me Day

  1. Wow, belated Happy Lauren Day! Love the idea and you definitely deserve it :) Cool B&R gift ;)

    My heart leaps too every 2nd of the month ♥ but I need to be conscious and make sure I do an extraordinary for me that would make me extra smiley!

  2. A) Obviously I don’t mind celebrating myself, enter: rebirth day haha.
    B) GAHHHH I forgot the post its! How could I make such an error? haha.But clearly those things have value. I’d walk around feeling all sorts of : ( if I didn’t have positive post its in my life.

  3. I am stealing this idea! From here on out the 18th is Sam day…yahhoooo!!!

  4. Love to see you celebrating the little things! This whole post made me smile! Happy half birthday :)


  5. I love you idea to take a “Lauren Day” on a regular basis. I need to do that! I usually take my birthday off work, but I’m not doing that this year… I have several meetings schedule the first half of the day. How did I let that happen?! :-)

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