Now & Then: My Favorite Summer

When I was in sixth grade, I was really attractive.  I mean really attractive.

Yes. It's true.

(In all seriousness, when Goose and I created a photo montage for our wedding, we realized we both peaked in adorableness around the age of two.  Which means our toddlers will be incredibly adorable, but after that, well… sorry to any future children I may have.)

Despite the fact that I’m sure they were intimidated by my amazingly good looks, I had a really tight-knit group of girlfriends.

We all had really good fashion sense (thanks, 1997) and I think that’s what made us so close.

Truly, I can’t imagine the end of elementary school without these girls.  We had things like very clever secret codes for when a bra strap was sticking out from a tank top (because no one thinks it’s weird when you loudly whisper, “It’s snowing!” in the middle of June) and multi-colored friendship necklaces, made for just such a foursome, that dubbed us with fruit nicknames.  I was Strawberry, in case you were wondering.

Like all twelve year old girls, we certainly had our fair share of fights.  But that’s not what I remember.  What I remember is the fierceness with which we needed to make up with each other.  So much that, one night, we all slept at the base of my parent’s stairs in the basement (it was finished!) because we wanted to be close to the girl who was sleeping on the landing (presumably trying to get away from us.)  Naturally, we made up long before we fell asleep, but by then it was too much fun to sleep huddled close together.  So we did.

Now & Then was released in 1995, and the summer after sixth grade for us was 1997.  I’d be lying if I said we weren’t, on some level, trying to re-create that epic movie summer.

Looking back, despite the fact that it wasn’t exactly movie-worthy, it was one of the best summers of my life.  We were happy, carefree, and rode our bikes and walked everywhere.  Most importantly, we had each other.

And if the movie is true, we’re allowed to demand a reunion.  Can this count as me demanding one?

Do you have a favorite summer?  Was there ever a movie you aspired to be like?



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4 responses to “Now & Then: My Favorite Summer

  1. cal

    Whose the hottie on the far right?

  2. I LOVE that movie! I met my “foursome” in high school. Favorite summers would have to be 2002 (post graduation trips to Disney, Ireland (with fam) and down the shore), 2003 (first reunion after being away at school + lots of us had cars) and last year, 2k10 was pretty great.

    Also in middle school I had some good friends, and whenever we got our periods we called it “falling off the roof.” So stealthy. the boys figured it out real quick, so we switched to “oversleeping”. No one cracked that code!

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