American Idol Live Tour and Meet & Greet

I already confessed that I’m not really an American Idol fan.  In fact, I’ve only seen episodes of the show sporadically and didn’t watch a single episode of Season 10.

I’m sorry.

But when I won tickets and backstage passes, well, how do you pass that up?

I had a wonderful time last night, and all of the performers were quite talented.  Let’s go back to the beginning.

While we were driving to the concert, Ally and I discussed that the only thing we knew about the Meet & Greet was that Casey put us on a list.  Right.  That was going to work.  A couple of young-looking girls showing up at an American Idol concert saying, “But Casey put me on a list!”  So before the show, we walked around talking to various Allstate Arena employees until we were told to check at will call.

And there they were.

See the little "CA" at the top? That meant that Casey left them for us.

I tried to take pictures during the show, but that was an epic fail.  We were in the back row, but we were steps away from the bathroom, which was fitting for tickets won through the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.  They were still great seats and we could see everything.

And wow.  What a talented bunch.  I loved the diversity of styles!  Any past season episode I’ve seen, it seemed like most of the contestants were pop-ish.  So there would be popish country, popish rock, etc.  This was far beyond what I expected — pop, rock, jazz, country — and I really enjoyed myself.

After the show, we went to a Meet & Greet (which we later found out was for family and close friends).  We met some of the other American Idol contestants, but spent most of the time chatting with our new pal Casey.  (Much to the dismay of some fans, who were not pleased at the amount of time we spent talking to him.  Sorry, Casey fans.)

Most everyone was very gracious, happy to sign our ticket stubs and pose for pictures.  Some of them seemed tired, but who can blame them?  Casey mentioned that this was Meet & Greet number 3 out of 4 that they do each night.

As the Meet & Greet was winding down, we wandered over to say good bye to Casey and ended up chatting with him and his friends for a while longer.  I guess when you talk about your health problems with someone at first meeting, it bonds you in a different way.  It felt like we’d known Casey for a lot longer than we actually have!

It was a good Saturday night.

How was your weekend?  What exciting things have you been up to?



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