Check me out, yo.

Today, I’m featured on Crohn’s On Campus with an article about Dating & IBD.

Since Goose and I had been dating just four months when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, I was thrust into figuring out a new relationship and my UC diagnosis, all at the same time.  At 26, I’m now dispensing “expert” advice about the topic.  Sweet.

This is the romantic photo included with the article. Sorry to spoil that part for you.



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6 responses to “Check me out, yo.

  1. Very cool! I should look into writing for this site…. hmm…..

  2. wow! this is awesome! and that pic is too cute :)

  3. Great responses girl! And the pic is so adorable. You got a strong man by your side…..and of course that is a necessity with how strong you are! tn

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