Tiny Update: Back in the Game

Last week, I set some little fitness goals.

  • Run/walk 2 miles at Run Club
  • Check out Barbell Strength class at the gym
  • Go swimming twice for about 45 minutes each
Well, Run Club was cancelled because of a weather advisory, but I did manage to run/walk two miles another day.  I opted for a relaxing night at home over the Barbell Strength class, and I managed to get in one swim.  So, not that great.  50% of my goals met.  (That’s a failing grade on any teacher’s grading scale.)
Both workouts felt good.  And I got another one in tonight!  A little 20 minute run on the treadmill (with a tiny bathroom break in the middle… thanks colon!) my legs and lungs felt like they could keep clipping along, but my stomach decided that 20 minutes was just plenty tonight.

The plus side to the treadmill? One of these is always nearby.

Little victories.
Let’s try for closer to 100% for this week, shall we?
  • Two 20 – 30 minute runs
  • Two 45 minute swims
  • Barbell Strength class
Yep.  Upping the goals and shooting for 100% completion.  I’m all kinds of crazy.  One down, four to go.
Fill me in.  What are your fitness goals this week?  How did you do meeting last week’s goals?


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4 responses to “Tiny Update: Back in the Game

  1. I’m actually on track with my schedule this week for the first time in this training. This is kind of a miracle, ha.

  2. good luck on your goals this week!!! feeling like it will be a GREAT week for you and I am pulling for you! this week I am hoping to be smart about my runs and listen to my body. I will be running more this week than I have in a while…I have built up to it…but I just want to take things easy. I also want to work on my positive mindsets and feeling confident! hope you have a great week!

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