Change It Up

While I’m easing my way back into working out again, I’m finding that I don’t get really excited about doing the same old things I was doing before.  Going to swim 2500 yards or hopping on my bike for an hour and a half just don’t sound appealing right now.

Since I’m not training for anything, and just want to get back in my groove (and perhaps stop laying around on the couch eating Cheetos in my spare time) I am being flexible.  Who cares how I get the workout done as long as I get something done?

My gym has a pool pool with lap lanes outside, but during the hours I can normally get there?  Forget it.  They are full of children playing, splashing, and laughing.  On sunny summer days, that’s just as it should be, but it’s kind of a bummer when you’re stuck in the humid indoor pool swimming lap after lap.  Today I got my first shot at swimming laps in the sunshine!  Since I’m on vacation and can pretty much workout whenever, I timed it perfectly.  I hit the gym just after all the “before work” people, and before the pool is guarded and open for families.


I took this awesome picture of my swim gear, which kind of looks like a creepy floating face.

For most of my 45 minute swim, it was just me and a lady doing solo water aerobics in the pool.  It was bliss, and I’m incredibly jealous of people in warm climates who have actual big pools with lap lanes outside.  I did not count laps.  I didn’t even really look at the clock.  I just swam and swam until I was tired and then I stopped swimming.  It was 45 minutes, give or take a few.  Perfect.

This afternoon, I took the dog for a nice long run/walk.  I left my watch and phone at home and just went.  Brady loved it.  I loved it.  And I got back home 35 minutes later with one tired dog, feeling very accomplished.

I find it kind of funny that last week I only got in two workouts, and I’m already at three for the week.  I’m convinced the reason it’s going so well is that I’m disguising my workouts and not making them look like, well, work!

Other ways I plan to disguise my workouts as fun:

  • Meeting my BFF for Monday/Thursday spin classes
  • Forcing Goose to workout with me
  • Taking classes like kickboxing, Zumba, and maybe even… belly dancing?  (It’s the featured class at my gym right now.)
  • Going to yoga repeatedly until the teacher stops mocking me by telling me I can stay in child’s pose for the whole class if I want
(Yes, I realize those things actually sound fun.  It’s because they are.  I want to do them.)
What is your favorite workout?  Do you ever disguise your workouts as fun things?


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6 responses to “Change It Up

  1. LOVE your tips about disguising your workout. When ever I just want to get outside but I don’t really want to have to think about “training” etc I take my pup for a light jog. It brings a smile to my face watching her look so happy outside and I enjoy the time with her!

  2. I;ve been enjoying using Exercise TV on Demand on my “cross” days. I usually do 20 min kick box, 20 minutes yoga. Weights get super old after a while, and I figure these are better whole-body workouts and stretches, plus it keeps me distracted. I pick different shows each time too to avoid boredom.

    I REALLY want to learn how to swim properly. I can swim just fine – but not lap/olympic style. It looks like such a great workout, but I know I’d look like an idiot in the pool.

  3. Love your workout fun plan!!! Outdoor lap swimming sounds sooo wonderful. Why did I not try that back when I didn’t have SCHOOL every day? What was I thinking…

    • Oh you teachers and your summers off. ;) Go on a weekend! There’s still time in the morning before they open the pool to everyone. It’s unguarded, but they let adults swim.

  4. Training with friends alwasy makes workouts the “easiest” and “hardest” for me. You are doing the perfect training plan for YOU right now. Non-organized play is the best way to get back into things! tn

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