30 before 30 Revisited

Despite the massive amount of time I’ve been spending watching Friends, napping, and making my workouts fun, I’ve had a lot of time to think about goals this week.

As I look at my original 30 before 30 list, some of the things on there don’t resonate the same way anymore.  The very first thing on that list (and really, the only goal I spent any time at all thinking or worrying about for a long time) is “Complete Ironman 70.3.”  And well, sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you’d imagined.

I want my list to be flexible and reflect my priorities.  70.3, among other things on the original list, is no longer a priority for me.  (This doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.  It just means it’s not topping my to-do list right now.)

And so… a revised 30 before 30 (including all the things I’ve crossed off — yeah!)

  1. Join Team Challenge for an endurance event to raise money for CCFA
  2. Find an organization system that works in my home, so that the house is de-cluttered nearly every night
  3. Turn the basement into a “living space”
  4. Find a church that feels like home, even if that means ending up right back where we started
  5. Renew my vows with Goose on our 5th Anniversary (June 21, 2013)
  6. Make the master bedroom a relaxing haven instead of a place to hide the clutter
  7. Run a 2:30:00 half marathon
  8. Learn to sew (simple things — a button, a hem, a patch)
  9. Host a holiday party for my extended family
  10. Compile my grandparents’ stories
  11. Make homemade soup
  12. Build a storage bench for the entryway in our house (hey, Dad… you might have to help me with this one!)
  13. Attend a Girls on the Run Summit
  14. Take a flying lesson
  15. Replace our carpeting
  16. Organize and purge boxes in my office and the basement
  17. Transfer photos and important documents to an external hard drive and back it up
  18. Take a Crystal Lake Jaycees project from start to finish (initial CPG, run the project, etc.)
  19. Join a book club
  20. Repair the front steps
  21. Create a filing system for important documents
  22. Learn to change a flat tire on my bike (not just understand it conceptually — do it)
  23. Compile family recipes
  24. Begin to make an annual donation to my alma mater, Clarke University
  25. Take a warm and sunny beach vacation
  26. Learn to use the manual settings on my camera
  27. Go on a retreat
  28. Organize a girls’ getaway and try to make it an annual tradition
  29. Present at a conference
  30. Learn to play chess

Since I just deleted and changed, I’ll make it easy for you — the new additions are #1, 5, and 27.  If you’re comparing with the original list, those three things are still things I’d like to do someday.  They are just not priorities for me this second — not as much as the new three anyway.

Have you ever taken a step back and revised your goals?  Tell me about what you did and why.


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