Confessions of a Teenybopper

Last night, I convinced Goose to go with me to see the Glee 3D Concert Movie.

I wore my hair like this.

Okay, that’s a lie.  But Goose came in while I was drying my hair and laughed at my “water fountain of hair.”  Naturally, I decided to document it.

Anyway, the movie was a lot of fun.  I danced in my seat to “PYT” and “Somebody to Love,” and I may have been singing under my breath.  I was sorely disappointed in the lack of Bieber songs, and the 3D was a little much for me. (3D movies make me nauseous.)

We look awesome in 3D glasses.

Also, they gave us prizes. And I'm a thug.

As I documented the experience, I said, “Goose, everyone who reads my blog is going to think I’m a teenybopper.  Last weekend, American Idol Live Tour.  This weekend, Glee Movie.”

“Lauren, you are a teenybopper,” was his loving response.

He’s right.  I am.  And so I bring you… Confessions of a Teenybopper.

The first Christmas album Goose and I play every year is ‘N Sync’s Home for Christmas.  We dance around the house and sing into wooden spoons.  I know every single word.  (The second album I play is Snowed In (Hanson).  Goose prefers ‘N Sync, so that one comes first.)

Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas.. Happy holidaaaaaaaaays.

 Zac has always been my favorite Hanson, but the older I get, the more Isaac grows on me.  I joined Hanson’s fan club so that I could get a Meet & Greet with them a few years ago, and I was as nervous as I would have been at 12 years old.  I actually when to the salon to get my hair blow dried all pretty before I met them.  I love them.  A whole lot.  Their first album, Middle of Nowhere, is my happy place.  I even acknowledge Hanson Day every year.

He loves me.

I love Justin Bieber, and I know all the words to “Baby.”  Once, I turned up the song and danced around my house in a purple hoodie.  All Goose did was laugh at me.  I guess he’s used to that sort of thing by now.

I saw ‘N Sync live. Twice.  And I sang along.

I can’t wait for the Hunger Games trilogy movies.  I tore through those books like nobody’s business, and I am sure I will squeal when I see Peeta on the big screen.  (Also on my teenybopper books list: the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series.)

I love to make t-shirts with iron-on letters.  Poor Goose usually has to wear them at my races.  So far, he’s been subjected to such wonders as “Run, LaurenBop!” and “I Love My SoleMate.”

I rock out to New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and of course, Hanson, as often as possible.  Most often, in the car.  Yes, people stare at me.  No, I don’t care.

I like to steal people’s hats, put them on sideways, and take obnoxious pictures.  See above.

Are you a teenybopper, too?  Confess with me.  What are your best teenyboppin’ habits?



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6 responses to “Confessions of a Teenybopper

  1. I’m VERY excited for Hunger Games, and Sisterhood? Seriously, it’s like they looked into my soul when they wrote that. haha.

    • Have you read the 5th one? It takes place 10 years after the first books — so in their 20s — and it is soul-crushing for a while but really good overall.

  2. Is it bad that I don’t know who I even prefer, Peeta or Gale? I guess by the end I prefer Peeta.

  3. I totally am a teenybopper, and I’m loud and proud about it! I just went to see NKOTBSB, and my friends and I made puffy paint shirts. Just yesterday at work, I was asked my “guilty pleasure” song. I said none, since I am not at all ashamed of my pop music love!

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