Running Together

Goose and I never run together.  Ever.

I mean, we tried a few times when I first started running.  We had just started dating and he didn’t say no to me nearly as often back then.  It didn’t really work, though.  For one, Goose had an awful habit of running on a slight angle, so he almost always ran into me.  But the bigger reason is that we have totally different running styles.  I am slow and steady, and Goose’s style is more “if I run faster this will all just be over.”

Yesterday, for 15 minutes, all of that changed.

We ran together.

And I loved it.

My “ease back into running” schedule called for just 15 minutes today.  Goose, confident that just 15 minutes was doable, decided to join me and we cranked out 1.33 miles.

We capped off our Sunday with some outlet mall shopping and an incredibly delicious dinner at my parents’ house.

While I was doing all that, racers at Steelhead were anxiously awaiting news about the swim.  For 3 hours, they waited.  Because of a small craft advisory, the swim was cancelled.  Participants did a time trial bike start, then just biked 56 miles and ran a half marathon.  I obviously wasn’t there, but a friend of mine sent me a few text message updates from the start. (My phone was also a flutter with friends, letting me know they were thinking of me today.  Thanks guys. You know who you are, and you rock.)

I have to admit that I’m a little relieved that I wasn’t put in such an angsty situation for my first half iron distance race.  It doesn’t take away the sadness that I couldn’t continue my training, but it does present a little bit of a “silver lining.”

Besides, I think there might be a really fun comeback race in my future.

How did you spend your weekend? 



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6 responses to “Running Together

  1. I ran…not with the dude, though. He is a sprinter, and I am rarely up for that!

  2. My husband and I love to run together. It was challenging for him when I first started, but its great now!

  3. Hmmm….my weekend? Friday – laid by the beach. Saturday – laid by the pool. Sunday – laid on the couch. Fannnntastic.

  4. Sometimes I like running with the hubby and sometimes I prefer to go alone. I LOVE your plan for a comeback run. We can ne virtual training buddies!

  5. Yay for running together! My husband used to BEG me to run with him but I never would. We did for the first time this summer and I loved it. He just had to agree to slow down for me. Although I LOVE my alone running time, an every once in awhile couple run is not bad either!

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